Love is in the Air

Happy Valentine's day! This is my 2nd valentine's day with my boyfriend. And I'm really happy today. Even though we haven't met since last month, I celebrate it with Skype date. And by the way, I'm sorry to hear Mountain Kelud's eruption last night in my province. The ashes covered my house this morning and it was raining volcanic ashes too. It was really horrible to breath in a bit ashes. I hope everyone can celebrate the day of love without fear.

When I went home this morning from my campus, I found this lovely pink flowers bouquet and cow doll (my mom said it was a pig doll) in my desk. And I couldn't stop smiling all daaaay! He makes me feel so special. But I couldn't send anything to my boyfriend due to he couldn't accept any gifts in his military academy. Then I made our illustration (all I can do is drawing). I hopes he'll like it!