Lesson Learned // Entrepreneurship for Beginners

Nowadays, there are so many women who can prove their success with entrepreneurship skills they had. But, there are also some women who don't know where to start with entrepreneurship. I have an advice, you can start from everything you like! If you like designing, open a design studio. If you like fashion, you can open a boutique or online store. Well, it takes a lot of hard work. But trust me, your hard work will be nothing when you're doing what you like.

Some people choose to work for companies, and some people choose to build their own company. I'm a type that I should have my own company. There are many reasons why I don't like just sitting behind my desk and doing what my boss told me what to do. I want to do what I love to do. Because by doing what you love to do, will give you better outcomes than doing what other people love to do.

If you have a company, that means you will create jobs for others directly or indirectly. That also means a better living for yourself, others, and your country! So, why not create your own company?