22 before 23


Everyone's getting older, so don’t be afraid of getting older. Your age doesn't reflect your maturity, right? This year, I will turn into 23 years old and I have some lists I have to accomplish before 23. Here are 22 things I have to accomplish before 23!

  1. Graduation
  2. See my boyfriend's graduation
  3. Finished reading 22 books
  4. Exercising regularly three times a week
  5. Eating healthy foods
  6. Do more brandings (min 10)
  7. Open commission work for custom portrait illustration
  8. Create more friends online
  9. Learn more about photography
  10. Buy a domain for my blog
  11. Create marketing kits for my own
  12. More productive
  13. Travelling once or twice
  14. Create my own planner
  15. Cook more often
  16. Patience, patience, and more patience
  17. Create 22 prints
  18. Get a new job (As a fresh grad, I should try a new experience working on someone. Just trying) or maybe create jobs for people
  19. Sidi!
  20. Create new calendar
  21. Create my own notebook
  22. Do more hair treatment, at least twice a month (I really need it!)