2 Great Things on My 22th Birthday

My birthday is so last year but I just want to share things that happened on my 22th birthday. So, it was on December 11th 2013, it was a pretty date actually. And I really happy because my boyfriend gave me a sweet surprise! I also got a new naughty-beagle-mix-golden-retriever puppy from my friend who actually didn't know that it was my birthday. My boyfriend who actually lives far away from my hometown unintentionally came to Surabaya to celebrate birthday of Indonesia's army. I went over to his place and he only said to me "Happy birthday, bla bla bla bla, sorry I can't give you anything on your birthday". And then we have a conversation but suddenly rain came and my boyfriend said that he had to take his laundry. So, he left me alone and my friend told me that we should move to another room. And when I entered that room, my boyfriend was holding a cake with '22' candles. I was so shocked yet happy. This was unbelievable! Finally I celebrate my birthday with my boyfriend. What a rare moment considering my boyfriend is a busy soldier so he doesn't have much time for me. Thank You God!