Lesson Learned // 10 Blog Design Tips

Hey guys, today I'd like to share some tips on blog designing. I had did some research about this and I summarize into 10 blog design tips. Happy reading!

1. Header
When people visits your blog, the first thing they will see is your header. Your header should reflect who you are. I prefer my header with something clean and simple because that's who I am. And your header resolution should match with your blog. And forget about bling bling and glitter, those things would never ever working on your blog. Seriously.

2. Sidebars
Your blog's sidebars should be useful for the readers. But don't use too much widgets on your sidebars. And if you have advertisement on your blog, that's great. There's nothing wrong adding ads to your blog. But, you should remember that it's a blog. Not a web with tons of ads. Well, if you prefer people seeing your ads to your blog posts, then it's okay.

3. Typography
Don't use too much fonts on your blog. Three fonts are maximum - serif, sans serif, and script. One for post titles, one for sidebar title, and one for post body. I recommend Google Fonts for free awesome web fonts you can use. Font size should be readable, don't be too big or too small.

4. Social Media
Make sure that you have social media connect up all in one  spot. Create a social media widget on your sidebar so it will be easy for people to connect with you.

5. Tell People Who You Are
People need to see who you are in a brief. Give a short description about your blog or about yourself. Use words wisely, don't give a few paragraphs. Just give a short, like, 1 sentence is the minimum and three sentences are the max.

6. Color Theme
If you like your blog would be colorful, use many colors but not too many. I think 5 colors are maximum. Using too many colors can become a distraction to your reader. Colors are important to your blog, so choose carefully. Choose color that represents yourself but not distractive. Your blog content is more important, right?

7. Blog Post
This is the most important part of your blog. This is the place where you put your photos and your words. I suggest that your blog post size should be not too big or too small. 600px is the ideal size. And about photos, upload them with 72dpi resolution unless reader will wait too long just to see your blog posts. Also, always use photos' width that has the same with blog post's width.

8. Background
You can go with plain color or patterns. Your background shouldn't be distractive. If you don't like your background with just 'White'. You can try use subtle patterns for free. They have tons of simple beautiful patterns.

9. Accessible
If you have a long blog posts, your reader will be love 'Back to Top' button on your blog. Because I hate to scroll a lot just to see what's on the top.

10. Profile Photo
It's important to show your profile photo whether it's on our sidebar or on your about page. Choose photo that is the real you. Not a photo with Victoria's Secret Angels or cartoon.