Blogging Tips // Why I Choose Blogger Over Wordpress

When I was asked whether choosing blogger or wordpress, I answered, "Of course I choose Blogger!". People, my clients, my friends, my family asked me a lot about this. For the first time, I was a bit confused which one I should choose. And after some trials on blogger and wordpress. I realized that Blogger is more suitable for me as a beginner. I saw some beautiful wordpress websites and I wonder whether I could make Blogger website like that. There are some blogger websites that inspire me to develop more on blog designing, like, blog milk blog.

And another reason why I love blogger is that it's FREE and fully customizable. Wordpress is free but limited. Free wordpress is limited for us to customize the appearance of the website. Well, Wordpress has so much plug-ins to ease the user for blogging. Blogger might not be as advanced as Wordpress, but there are so many tutorials about customizing Blogger websites and those tutorials are quite easy if we understand fundamentals of programming. I'm not saying that Wordpress is not good, but if you're a blogger and need low-cost blog platform, I would suggest to Blogger. I would love to have my Wordpress website someday.

Found out more about Blogger on Pugly Pixel's post. And Elembee's blog post about Wordpress.

Picture // ParimaCreativeStudio