Short Trip to Jakarta

Hey guys! I haven't post anything since last thursday because I've been busy preparing stuff for short trip to Jakarta. A surprise for my boyfriend, precisely. We haven't met since August 11th, and he had to go to Jakarta for a week for 68th anniversary of Indonesian Military. He said that he could be visited every night, but I said to him that I couldn't be there. But I made it to Jakarta!

I went to Jakarta from Friday to Sunday. On the first day, he went to Istiqlal Mosque waiting his friends praying. I texted him that I was at home and doing my laundry but actually I was sitting on the bench in the mosque for hiding. But, I failed to surprise him! He knew I was there. LOL. He said that I wouldn't be able to trick him ever. But he pretty suprised when he knew I went to Jakarta just to see him. And I'm so grateful that finally I could meet him because I miss him so much.

Nothing much I did in Jakarta when I was waiting for my boyfriend. Every year, Indonesians celebrate anniversary of Indonesian Military on October 5th. We (his parents and me) went mall-2-mall to spend our time waiting my boyfriend. Also, on the last day we went to National Monument to see my boyfriend doing marching band with his friends. It was an extremely hot day. And there are so many people came there. OMFG. But it's okay, I could stand the heat just to see my love <3