Lesson Learned // Blogging Schedule

I'm in love with blogging since I saw many beautiful blogs and I really want to make my own blog like that. So, I started first with designing my blog. Never ending blog re-designing. Seriously, I already change my blog design for almost 10 times. And I'm a little bit confused when choosing what topic should I write for my blog posts.

So, I found a random post about blogging schedule which I forgot the url of that post. But I remembered some important notes about blogging schedule.

1. Themed Post
You can call this as "categories" or "topics". I always choose a specific topic each day and it really helpful to come up with content every day. For example, Tuesday Type on my blog. I always share about fonts or typography. Make a list and write it down.

2. Schedule your post
Daily, weekly, or monthly! Whenever you choose your schedule. I choose monthly schedule. I write it down on my cute scheduler or maybe you can write it down on your Evernote, iCal, or whatever you want.

3. Do it
When you're done scheduling your blog post. It's time to make it happen. I wrote my blog post every early morning or every evening but publish it on night. Because I have to take care of my homework and college stuff at afternoon. Take your time to write your post, blogging is such time-consuming activity, but I really enjoy it very much.