INSPIRE // 25 Blog Posts Ideas for The Inspired from the barn blog

I found an interesting post from inspiring THE BARN blog about blog post ideas. Well, sometimes I don't have any idea about what I should write on my blog. And these ideas are pretty interesting.

1. Pick a color and make a collage of items in that color.
2. Share a story from your life pre-blogging (or any story that you haven’t  shared).
3. Show us how to DIY something.
4. Make a wishlist collage.
5. Tell us what you’re reading.
6. Teach us something.
7. Recreate an outfit from another blogger, a magazine, or a celebrity.
8. Show us what’s in your purse or makeup bag.
9. Do a shopping haul.
10. Make a list of your favorite TV shows, movies, etc.
11. Interview another blogger.
12. Create a list of resources on a topic.
13. Share your favorite recipe.
14. Get to know your readers with a survey.
15. Introduce us to your pets.
16. Have your best friend, significant other, etc. write a post about you.
17. Tell us about your favorite spot.
18. Review an item.
19. Vlog.
20. Show us your handwriting.
21. Compile a list of your favorite blog posts.
22. Profile an Etsy shop or a local business.
23. Share your most embarrassing moment.
24. Ask a question.
25. Give a tour of your home.