Autumn Colors

Last week, I went to my grandma's house in small town, Batu, for an escape from the heat of Surabaya. I also want to see how Candy (a puppy that I got from my friend and then I gave it to my grandma) grew up. You can't imagine how hot Surabaya is, with average temperature 34 C, people with get so easily mad and stressed. Thanks to Global Warming, now we have to suffer on this hot day.

At my grandma's house, there wasn't much I had done. I was busy with assignments so all I did there was sitting in front of my computer, took a rest, go back to computer, playing with the dogs, eat something, back to computer, and so on. And some pictures taking, fall is coming.

Because Batu will be having a birthday, there was an exhibition from Indonesian's army and air force (which was reminding me to my boyfriend) near my grandma's house. There was also attraction from air force doing some free fall high up in the air. And I can see those soldiers doing free fall from my grandma's house because the drop zone was near grandma's. The funny thing was, there was a soldier who couldn't make it to the drop zone but he made it landing at local farmer's market because the wind speeds was too fast. Thank God he didn't land on tiger's or lion's cage on Batu's secret zoo.

And I fall in love with Lorde's Pure Heroine album. I love her songs, especially Glory and Gore, Team, and of course Royals.