14 Before 2014

2014 is coming sooner and I have some things that I haven't done or got it. When I read an inspiring post from Betty Red Design about 14 before 2014 on her blog, I decided to make my own 14 before 2014. FYI, Betty is a great designer with her simplicity and clean style, I love her designs! And here it is, my 14 before 2014:

1. Finish my undergraduate thesis proposal. I still don't know what kind of object I will choose for my undergraduate thesis. Any inspirations?

2. Finish my own 2014 calendar. I will give it for free to you, if you love it ;)

3. Create my own marketing kit. I have created marketing kit for other people's but I don't have my own.

4. More visits on my blog. Just keep posting and share it :)

5. Open my Etsy store. It's gonna be.. um.. so pretty!

6. Make my first notebook. With some florals illustration on it.

7. Make more friends online + offline.

8. Get fit! 30 minutes non-stop running for more than 5 KM.

9. Advanced in Unity3D + 3Ds Max.

10. More projects, especially on branding.

11. Improve my skills on hand-lettering and painting.

12. Filled my closet with neutral colored clothes.

13. Take a jog with my boyfriend. We have this plan for a long time but never happened.

14. Get a new pair of Nike sneakers!

Do you have any plans before 2014? Let me know what's your 14 before 2014 :)

Font / Brandon Grosteque