Workspace Ideas

I always wanted a simple and chic workspace. I think workspace would be the most favorite spot on your house when you’re working from home. A great workspace will give you better inspiration and positive energy. And i’m still working on to make my workspace just like my dream workspace. 
And after some searching on Pinterest for workspace ideas, I found some pictures that really chic and I wish I could make my workspace like that. And here are some simple tips for your workspace

Decorate your workspace wall
Whether you decorate it with some pretty prints, or maybe with your moodboard, cute tassel garland, polaroid photos, etc. Just make sure you workspace wall is pretty enough when you’re looking at it.

Clean the clutter
Always do this once a week, if it’s possible to do it every day, just do it. You cannot expect a great work when working on messy workspace right? Put things on the right storage. 

Hide the cable cords of your devices as hidden as possible.
This is really really important if you're gadget freak.

Pick some pretty stationary. 
I love pretty stationary even I already smartphone that can help me organize everything. But in my opinion, true creativity comes from handwriting on paper. It really helps me to train my right brain.

Keep everything on the right place.
Letters, loose papers, or everything, keep them on the right place. Put them on containers, they’ll help keeping you organized.

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