Tutorial - How to Use Clipping Mask on Photoshop

Okay guys, now I will give you a short and easy tutorial about clipping mask on photoshop. Clipping mask is very easy and if you use it right, you can make an awesome creations. In this tutorial, I use Adobe Photoshop CS6, and luckily previous Photoshop versions are able to use clipping mask.

Step 1
Open you document on Photoshop. This time, I use 800x800 pixels image size. And then, type or put anything you want on it.

Step 2
Open any beautiful textures you have on your Photoshop layer right above the type layer. I choose a gold paper texture I found on Pinterest.

Step 3
Right click on the texture layer, and choose Create Clipping Mask. Voila!

It's very easy right? So, have you tried it?

Gold paper textures