Things I Do on Holiday

I got a very long holiday, for 2 months. So, of course I had a lot things to do. Thank God, my boyfriend was also given 18 days off duty. Can you imagine what it feels like when you couldn’t meet your lover for two months and finally you could meet him/her again for only 18 days? Sure there are so many things you want to do with him/her.

On my holiday, I finished many things before I met my boyfriend, like internship project and report. But actually, I haven’t finished it. Some things need to be revised. Duh.

And when I finally met my boyfriend, we did so much things together. Like, doing lovely photoshoot together, visiting Bromo Mountain, visiting awesome Lombok Island, snorkling, watching all the movies at the cinema, shopping, cuddling, hugging, and other lovely things.

The saddest thing of them all was that my boyfriend had to go back to his academy. This is really sad. I was crying all the way from his home to airport and airport to my home. During 18 days of his holiday, we met 17 days and everything was beautiful, but he had to back to his academy for unknown days, weeks, months. I don’t know when we will meet again.