Postcards From Bromo

Hi guys, it’s good to be back blogging again. I've been off from blogging because I’m having holidays for two months. And it’s great to see my boyfriend again, he was off duty so we were having vacation together with his family too.

First vacation destination is Bromo Mountain. It’s located Tengger, East Java, Indonesia. Bromo’s name derived from Javanese pronounciation of Hindu God, Brahma The Creator. It took few hours with car from my hometown Surabaya. Before that, we took a brief visit to Madakaripura Waterfall.

After that, we finally arrived at Java Banana Hotel. It’s close to Bromo and the weather was super freezing. And it made me pretty shivering. We slept earlier because we had to wake up at 3 a.m to see beautiful sunrise.

I found some beautiful embroidery hoops on the art gallery.

Finally we saw the sun rise. It’s a breathtaking beautiful view. So many people up there but it was still freezingly cold. I even wore 3 layers outfit

After watching the beautiful sunrise, we went to the peak of Bromo mountain. We could either walk to Bromo's peak or horse-riding! Bromo view successfully made my jaw dropping. It’s really awesome! But, at the Bromo's peak, the level of Sulfur was pretty high and it made me harder to breathe, I had to wear mask too.

With the view of Bromo, the sands desert, and everything there was totally awesome. We also went to the savanah and the sands desert called whispering sands. Bromo's location has been used for some movies' shooting, like The Philosophers, and Indonesian movie like Pasir Berbisik.

And I’m so happy that on our anniversary we could see the sunrise together. It’s a rare moment for us to see beautiful things together. Thank you my boyfriend for taking me there, and thank you for lending me your jeans. I love you so much.