5 Days in Lombok

My holidays are almost over, and this time I will tell you about my short trip with my boyfriend and his family to Lombok in Indonesia, a lovely country where I live. In case you don't know where is Lombok, you should search Lombok in Google and you will find some beautiful photos about it.

Day 1
On day 1, we took a flight to Lombok for almost 2 hours. We arrived Praya Lombok International airport at afternoon so our plans today was dinner. We stayed at Mataram city, it's the capital city of Lombok and it's right in the middle of Lombok so it's very effective if you want to go everywhere from Mataram.

Day 2
Our plan today was going to sekotong beach and playing at Gili Nanggu. Just so you know, Gili means little island. There are so many beautiful gilis in Lombok. We have to rent a boat if you want to go to Gili Nanggu from Sekotong beach. It was a breath-taking view on Gili Nanggu. We were enjoyed with crystal clear water. Also, the sands are really smooth just like flour. Seriously, like a flour. At Gili Nanggu, we did snorkling for a while and it was amazing. It was my first snorkling actually and it was really awesome. The corals and the fishes are playful and colorful. But we were forbidden to step on the corals because it could ruin some baby corals. Yes, there were some young corals that are being cultivated. So be careful!

After that, we had lunch at a Gili Sudak. It was a small island with little population. The lunch was good but the view is amazing. My favorite food from Lombok is ayam taliwang with plecing kangkung. It's really delicious. You should try it if you're in Lombok.

We took a brief visit to Gili Honeymoon. It's really cute. Gili honeymoon is a very tiny island. So tiny you can walk to the whole island on few minutes. I wish my boyfriend buy me an island someday for the two of us, hahaha.

Our next destination is visiting traditional house of Lombok's native people called Sasak. They live in big neighborhood together and their house's floors are cleaned with buffalo's dung. But it doesn't smell anything. It's pretty interesting to see people who live in more conservative way than urban people.

Next destination will be beach again. We went to Kuta Beach. But it's different from Kuta beach in Bali. This Kuta beach is much much much prettier and beautiful. The sands are white and smooth.

Day 3
On day 3, we visited highland of Lombok called Sembalun. It's near Rinjani mountain but we didn't visit Rinjani because it takes few days trip. It's also beautiful and cold. There are many farmers live in there. We bought huge fresh strawberries for only 4000 rupiahs. Or 0.25 dollars.

We also visited waterfalls called Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep. It took 30 minutes walking to the farthest waterfall (Tiu Kelep) and the road was tiring me. But it was fun to see beautiful and amazing forest, with crystal clear river. The air is really clean. After Tiu Kelep, we went to Sindang Gila. Pretty tired.

Day 4
Finally, today we visited the famous Gili Trawangan. It took 2 hours as I remember from Mataram. The funny thing when we arrived at Gili Trawangan was that there were so many foreign tourists and less local tourists from Indonesia. How ironic. There are 3 gilis, Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, and Gili Air. But today we visited only two of them, Gili Air and Gili Trawangan.

After that, we rent Cidomo, small horse-drawn carriage to travel around Gili Island. What a jaw-dropping panoramic view. We stopped a few times to take some photos. And then, we rent a boat to travel around the sea to see some corals and fishes. Too bad I couldn't go down to the sea because of menstrual period. Duh. I hate myself. Lucky for my boyfriend, he could swim around and see some awesome view below the see. There were also sunken ship just like titanic. That ship became a tourism object for divers.

Day 5
The last day in Lombok. So sad to leave and happy to be home! On our last day in Lombok, we visited the Pink beach. Unfortunately, some people in Lombok don't know pink beach in Lombok. It took 2 hours from Mataram and the road was so horrible. Especially when you're on a menstrual period. It would fuck up your mind.

But, after we reached the Pink Beach, that horrible journey was easily forgotten. It's a super clean place with 0,111% pollution. I'm so speechless. We rent a boat, and we could see everything on the water like corals, fishes, starfishes without google glasses for snorkling. It's super crystal clear water. The sands are extremely smooth. I even brought some sands and red corals!

That's all about my 5 days in Lombok I can share with you all!