Instagram photoshop actions

Don’t you worry if you don’t have instagram, because I found a simple solution for that! All you have to do is install Photoshop and these Instagram inspired actions to your Photoshop.

And I will give some examples of photos that have been ‘Instagramed’ with this Photoshop actions. There are many Instagram inspired actions, like Brannan, Walden, Earlybird, X Pro II, Lomo-fi, Inkwell, Toaster, Sutro, Lord Kelvin, Nashville, Gotham, and Hefe. These are effects from previous Instagram version. And I wish I could find or maybe give actions from newer Instagram such as Amaro, Mayfair, Rise, Hudson, Valencia, Sierra, and Willow.

This is the original photo. I love these peonies flower so much so I choose this photo from Pinterest as the example.


And these are the photos after I give Instagram filters from Daniel Box.



I found these actions from Daniel Box’s Tumblr, and it’s free for download. God bless him for his kindness!

Having problem with installing these actions or maybe you don’t know how to install it? It’s very easy to install new action to Photoshop.

Here’s how to install it:

how to load action file