How I Met Your Father

It was middle July, 2012. I was on holiday on my grandmother house. And then this guy who I hadn’t met for a long time appeared on my facebook messenger. He was my high school friend, and after graduation I never knew where he continued his study until I found out on his facebook page that he joined Military Academy.

Honestly, we hardly had a conversation at high school. Probably sometimes. What about hang out together? Well, we did but actually I was accompanying him and his ex-girlfriend dating because his ex-girlfriend was one of my closest friend. Yeah, we’re not even close back at high school.

Back again on July, 2012. We chatted on Facebook, and then he tried to ask me out. Well, because I wasn’t so sure with him at that time, I said ‘No’. He asked me out again to watch a movie. And this time, I was sure so I said ‘Yes’ to him. I still remember what we watched, Batman: The Dark Knight Returns! I remember what he wore that night, but my feeling was not so into him. Just plain. I still remember when he drove me home and he was really really running out of gas. And he was a polite guy. He was worried that my mom would be angry if I went home late (actually my mom didn’t care when I will go home). And I started to have a little crush on him.

After that night, he didn’t even chat or give some news to me. Because he thought that I didn’t have feeling for him (yes, we have talked about this why he didn’t even say Hi to me after that night). He was wrong, because I started to have feeling on him. But he didn’t know about that. So, I tried to begin our conversation. In our conversation, we talked about our holiday. And I told him that I planned to go to Bali but I didn’t know when. He told me that he will go to Bali too. What a coincidence. Then, he suddenly offered me a free ticket to Bali. I hesitatedly said Yes to him. So, we went to Bali together with his family too. And it was so awkward for me.

In Bali, I stayed with my cousin in Denpasar and he stayed at hotel in Benoa. He asked me to have a dinner with his family and I couldn’t say no. I remember where we had a dinner, it was on one of the restaurants at Kuta Square. I met his family, we had a conversation. And after dinner, we (me and him) took a night walk around Kuta. Seriously, it was really awkward. I didn’t even know where we were going. All I know was that I needed candles for my brother-in-law’s birthday tomorrow and he needed to find a place to pee. We went to a market but couldn’t find candles and he couldn’t find a toilet too. So I decided that I will buy the candles when I went home. And then, he found a toilet across the street on the beach shore. So we crossed the street and he suddenly hold my hands! The funny thing is, he made a confession to me that he didn’t want to pee on that market because he needed to find a way to hold my hands, by crossing the street. To be honest, I was so happy and hearts kept flying above my head. He was too sweet. So sweet.

We walked along the beach shore that night. I can’t say how happy I was. I’m so speechless. Basically, we had so many conversations and I forgot what we talked because I’m too happy to remember it.

The next day, we went for a walk in Bali. We went to Kuta again, and then we went to Karma Kandara. Karma Kandara is an extremely beautiful place. Every couple who go to Bali should visit this place. His family and I had a lunch there (with stunning view from the restaurant). Too bad we couldn’t make it to the beach because it was used for a private wedding. So we went around Kuta again, and I went to his hotel for a bath and this moment was a moment once for life I won’t forget.
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At his hotel, he went outside to get some air and I followed him. We sit on a bench on the beach and it was so cold, I even shivering. He hugged me that night, knew that I was shivering. We confessed our feelings to each other. And that was when everything started.
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And I still couldn’t believe now that he was my high school friend whom I hardly talked to. I’m happy to have him now. Even though distance and time separate us, but our heart will be always together forever and ever. I know that long distance relationship is difficult, especially because he is an army soldier. But we trust each other. That’s what keeping us together until now. And why would I give ‘How I Met Your Father’? Because I want that someday our kids read this and know why our kids exist.