Have a Beautiful Weekend!

PhotoGrid_1371901837270What’s your plans for this weekend? This weekend, I just stay at home. Do my mom’s job, because she’s out of town. Then, I do some stuff, like, created DIY fabric flower boutonniere, take my dog for a walk, I also made DIY white flower for my dog :D I think he doesn’t like it. He prefers delicious food filled with meat and cheese. Yes, he loves cheese.

It’s really hot today, but cloudy sometimes.

And then I experiment with Photoshop, Illustrator. Trying to create my new header for my blog. I can’t wait to change my header. And I also do some exercises, Zumba precisely. It’s been 3 weeks internship and I think I’m getting fatter. Because I sit for almost my working time. And this weekend, I have to design for internship’s assignment. You know, some internet stuff, with ASP.NET. What a horrible weekend.

Hope you have a good one! xoxo