Day 1: Your Best Friend

day 1

My best friend? Well, I have best friends actually. Best friends whom I can share everything with. I love them no matter what. Even though it’s kinda rare to meet them, but I still keep in touch with them.

Olivia, Stefani, Prima, and Totti. They’re the best friends I’ve ever had.


Her full name is Olivia Listiowati Prawoto, but I call her Vivi. She was my elementary & junior high school friend. I forgot how I met her for the first time. But I spent a lot of time with her at school. She’s genuinely genius! She’s very nice to everyone and willing to help everyone about study. Now she’s study medical at Airlangga University, Surabaya. We’re still keep in touch although we rarely meet. You know what, you can ask everything about health to her! I know she’ll be the best doctor someday :D


It’s kinda funny to remember how Stefi (I call her Stefi) hated me in the past. We went to the same junior high school and in the same class on second & third grade. We became closer because we sat in the same seat on third grade. And she told me that I was so fierce, mean, and other bad things. Lol. One day, we were in the sewing class (yep, we have sewing & cooking class at our junior high school. For girls only), and I was running out of red thread so I asked anyone at the class who had red thread then my friend next to me gave it to me. But, Stefi who sat far away from me came to my desk and offered hers. Then I said ‘no, I got one.’ After that, she was like grumbling and grumbling. And I didn’t have any idea why she was like that. And when we’re at third grade, she told me that she was so mad to me because I was like ‘I already had the red thread. You. Can. Go. Now.’ and I laughed at her because of it. I wasn’t like what she was thinking. I’m so sorry if you were hurt because of me HAHA. Now we rarely meet because we are busy with our stuff but we still keep in touch. I’m busy with my college, projects, and design stuff. And she’s busy with her online shop & her college stuff. No matter how busy we are, we are still best friends <3


Primawati Hayuningtyas a.k.a Prima. She’s my high school best friend. We went at the same high school (SMA Negeri 5 Surabaya). I forgot how we get closed at the beginning. Prima is good listener and she’s the type of girl that gets panic so easily. Seriously. She should change her name to Panic Prima. And she is so girlyyyyyy. Now, we went to the same Institute but different major. Her major is Industrial Engineering, which the building is right next to mine. Which is so weird if we are rarely to see each other. But that’s the truth! Even though our building is so close, we hardly meet everyday. I was busy with my own stuff and she’s busy with hers too. And she’s now working as a MC and presenter at local television. We do hanging out sometimes. And when we meet, we talk about everything, you know, like other girls do. Talking about boys, school, family, latest trends, and everything. I’m so happy to have best friend like her!


People say dog is man’s best friend. That is so true. Aw Totti. He’s a very good dog. And now he’s nine years old. The best furry buddy in the world. He loves eating. But, he eats certain foods. Specially the delicate ones. Seriously, he won’t eat if it’s not delicious to him. He will eat what he likes, and will not eat he doesn’t like. But, sometimes he won’t eat, I have to stand right next to him and his food until he ate. He’s a spoiled dog but adorable. Really adorable and fat! His new habit is crying when my alarm sound strikes his ears. Every morning, when my alarm rings and I don’t wake up, he cries outside my bedroom. How cute. He is the best buddy and the cutest and he’s everything to me. He’s my guardian to my family and my house :3 woof!

So, tell me, who’s your best friend? :)

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