I'm Married!


I supposed to write this post few months ago but marriage life makes me have no time to write.

Anyway, I’m finally married! I can’t tell how happy I am to be with my half.

The road to happiness isn’t always the happiest. It took a lot of struggle, sadness, sacrifice, and many other things to be happy. There were times where our faith was being tested, but if you pass the test you’ll be stronger than before.

And I want to tell you a little story about my wedding last year.

When our wedding date was settled, I started to plan out our wedding (our holy matrimony date and reception was on different date). I didn’t want wedding organiser to organize my wedding therefore I organized it by myself and help from our family. But it’s not like I didn’t hire a wedding organiser. I hired a wedding organiser just for my wedding reception night, just to keep everything in control.

Since we are Protestants, we held our wedding matrimony at my church. And I wanted to keep everything super simple. Simple dress (I really would like to thank Mba Ayik for her help. I came to her at least two months before the wedding date and she worked really fast for my wedding dress), simple decorations, simple everything.

The night before, I couldn’t sleep at all. And I remember that I wasn’t sleepy at all. My mom couldn’t sleep as well. Was that normal for bride-to-be? I think I was nervous and afraid I won’t remember the wedding vow.


And the D-Day came. Started to do makeup at around 4 a.m. (my friend did the makeup!). I kept praying so that everything went well.

Walking in the isle…

Saying the vow..

And I’m officially Mrs. Panggah Pandhego.

It was unbelievable. I can’t believe that I’m married with someone I knew since high school. And I hoped that my father could be there.

After the holy matrimony, our family had a lunch as a family together. I ate a lot, well because wedding took a lot of energy. And I hadn’t had a breakfast before my wedding because I couldn’t eat anything. I felt like I wanted to throw up every minute.

But it was worth it, being married with someone you love :)

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