Pre-wedding Photoshoot Session in Bandung

Before I tell you all about my wedding which was super express in preparation, I want to share my story for pre-wedding session in Bandung.

Every time I'm going to make a decision, I always think about sustainability. So, what's the correlation between sustainability and pre-wedding photoshoot?

Some people choose to have a grande or elegant pre-wedding photoshoot either inside a studio or outside in a nature wearing haute couture gowns and tuxedo. It's not a bad idea, but it's just not me. Not only being grande or elegant, other people choose to have a pre-wedding photoshoot which is "hipster" or rustic style or other theme, but still it isn't my style. 

Well, I love rustic but not for my pre-wedding photos. 

So, when my friend showed me David Christover's portfolio, I quickly fell in love with his photos. His style is so sustainable (timeless). 

I have hired few photographers, and from all these photographers he is our most favourite photographer. The way he directed us wasn't like other photographers. He tried to build a strong and emotional connection between my fiancé and I before he took photos. Not just directing as in, "kamu liat sana, kamu liat sini."

And I really love the results, those photos are something I would like to show off to my children and grandchildren.

For our outfit, as you can see, it's very simple. I wore a white dress and he wore his military uniform. And for the next day, we both wore whites. 

What about makeup? I didn't even hire a MUA. Just a simple makeup because I want to look like myself. 

Overall, I love all the photos! Here are some pre-wedding photos I love :)