Closing of The Commando Training

pendidikan komando 101


It's been a while since my last post. I've been very busy with my job and I even didn't realize that I have so many posts to be published.

Okay, so, last month, I finally got a chance to see my boyfriend! After seven months of waiting with no communication.

And the story to meet him wasn't that easy. Months before, we (his family and I) prepared so many stuff just to see him. And of course, it's not as difficult as his seven-months training.

The closing ceremony was held on Nusakambangan Island, Cilacap. Just so you know, my boyfriend had to walk from Bandung to Cilacap (check google map for details). Nusakambangan Island is an island that has prisons for the most notorious criminals in Indonesia. I wonder the history why the closing ceremony always held on this island. I mean, Indonesia has beautiful Bali or Lombok, right? Why chose Nusakambangan? #justkidding

To reach Nusakambangan, you need to use a ship from Cilacap. And it's very close, it took only less or more thirty minutes. After we arrived at Nusakambangan, we still need to take a long journey to the beach. Because the ceremony is on the Permisan beach.

The journey wasn't as I expected. It was so bumpy and creepy. During the trip to the beach, all I could see is jail and forest. And maybe the creepy ambiance came from some "Indonesian Ghosts" on that Island. Arriving at Permisan beach, there was a small tent for the guests. Well, maybe next time they should provide a bigger tent. And don't bother to update Instagram stories because there was no signal at all on this island. (Duh, it's an island with maximum security jails). There was a police line along the beach to limit civilians people to see the opening.

The ceremony was started around 4.30 a.m. or 5 a.m. I honestly cannot remember. But it was dusk to be sure. It was started with an explosion. And I was so shook. I never see a huge explosion right in front of my eyes. There were shootings and fire, and flares everywhere. I couldn't focus where I should see first. It was crowded and little kids started to cry right after the explosion.

And then there were some soldiers running through the fires. I had the feeling like I was on Game of Thrones scene actually, were you there Lord of Light? (too obsessed with GOT). And actually, there was a scenario for this opening but I just couldn't understand it because of kids crying, explosions, and I just couldn't hear a thing the narrator said.

Moving on to the next session, we moved a little bit closer to the beach for the real ceremony. There were the soldiers ready to be inaugurated. As the most common military ceremony, there was reporting to the ceremonial inspector, singing, and other military-stuff-I-don't-really-understand.

And the most awaited moment was yet to come.

The guests were allowed to come to the freshly-inaugurated Kopassus soldiers. And I burst into tears when I finally see him. It wasn't easy to locate him, but we used camcorder and zoom into maximum and examine one-by-one until we see him. The feeling was like when Khaleesi met Khal Drogo. I'm happy that I could see him alive, one piece. Even though he was slightly darker and much thinner than before. But it's okay, I love him unconditionally. 

It was a long journey both for him and for me. Seven months isn't easy for us, especially for him and his family. So many lessons I could learn from being alone for seven months when I'm actually in a relationship. 

So many stories to tell yet so little time we had.