How Being Vegan Affects My Skin

It’s been almost two years being vegan. 

Well, not 100% vegan (there were times when I had to be vegetarian).

Being vegan gave so much benefit for my whole body. Since being vegan, I never had single flu. And I feel more energized than ever. 

Another positive effect of being vegan is healthy and beautiful skin.

As long as I live, I only had once super fancy facial treatment (it was ZAP treatment for facial and underarms). I did it because of my wedding. I never want to spend my money on facial treatment when you actually can do it all by yourself at home. Also, you never really know the ingredients all those skincare products they put on your skin. Those chemicals might give beautiful effects on your skin from the outside, but you never really know the toxic inside your body. 

Before vegan, I easily got pimples on my skin either during a period or not. Not only that, the pimple scar took so long to get rid of from my face. Pimple wasn’t just the problem, my skin was so oily back then.

But, since I switched my diet to plant-based diet, I noticed a few differences on my skin. 

I rarely have acne on my skin for now. But, I still get a pimple during PMS, but it wasn’t a bad pimple, just a small one. And it’s easy to get rid of this acne overnight without any products.

I have tried many products to get rid of but it’s not working before I didn’t understand the root cause of my horrible pimples. From tea tree oil to special facial soap, I have tried many products but those pimples will always come back on my face. 

The food we choose makes a difference. 

When I read more few (verified) articles about the correlation between being vegan and healthy skin, it turns out that meat and dairy is the culprit. There’s a link between eating meat and acne. Some studies suggest that the hormones in milk may also play a role.

Watching this video below might help you understand it.

So, eating less or no meat at all helps you to prevent acne breakouts. And that’s why I rarely get pimples on my face.

Skincare Routine

My skincare routine is very simple, just rosehip oil, eye serum, moisturizer, SPF and I’m good to go. I also have a weekly mask, sometimes twice a week if I’m not too tired to think about applying a mask before going to bed.

I have once checked my skin age, and the result was amazing. My skin age is 19.

If you want an instant result of beautiful skin, you can easily do laser treatment and there will be no acne tomorrow. But I will need to remind you that instant result will not last long. 

I’m vegan and I still have acne. And that’s very normal. 

The reason I never want a fancy facial treatment, because I just want to embrace everything I have—fine lines, acne, wrinkles when I’m not young anymore. Also, the money for facial treatment could go somewhere else better like helping people, or the environment.