Beets & Bouts, Jakarta

Last Saturday, I went to JakartaXBeauty at Senayan City. It was so crowded, and I couldn't hold longer to be in that event. And I finally decided to have lunch with my friend at Chocoichibanya. Not stopping there, I and my friends visited a lovely place at SCBD called Beets and Bouts. 

This place is very cozy and heartwarming. There were only a few people so it was pretty quite. It's perfect for someone who doesn't like the crowd, or you need to focus on your work. Actually, we didn't actually want to go here. One of my friend was craving for smoothie bowl, and want to go a place next to this place that sells smoothie bowl. But, my other friend also wanted a place with sofas. And finally, we chose this place.

There's a little corner at Beets and Bouts and it's my favorite. It's so lovely and chic. It has orchids and frames, also greenery. I don't know why, but I get a feeling that the interior designer is a woman. It's also feminine. The color scheme and decoration were really clean but fun! 

I don't why I eat a lot. It was less than three hours after I ate Chocoichibanya (the portion in this place is huge!). But it was okay for me to eat another food. Luckily, it's a healthy menu. I chose Go Go Green which has Kale. Kale is so trendy now. My friends ordered Foxy Red, and Midnight Blu (I couldn't really remember what my friends ate).

The price is pretty much standard to the standard of Jakarta's great restaurants. In my opinion, I would like to go back there.