The Best Nib For Modern Calligraphy


Last week, I was frustrated and depressed over a simple thing: writing the perfect calligraphy for my wedding stationery. 

How frustrated was I? I couldn't sleep, I kept thinking about calligraphy all day long, I wrote day and night. I cried (literally) on my bed, what if my wedding didn't work as I plan? (I think I got my bridezilla syndrome). I tried Leonardt nibs, and they weren't working. Well, it's because they're designed for copperplate calligraphy. Duh.

And after I went to church, I was inspired to try the first nib I bought from C For Calligraphy. I bought a starter kit and I got a book, a straight holder, a pot of ink, and a nib (I just realized they give another nib).

And it worked!

The perfect nib for modern calligraphy is Zebra G. I love how smooth it is when I create lines and strokes. I was inspired by my favorite calligrapher, Karla Lim. You MUST see her amazing portfolio. I love her style, it's romantic, vintage, and clean. 

And now I can sleep in peace, without calligraphy stuck in my mind every night.

So, do you have any recommendation for nibs that work for modern calligraphy? Let me know.