My Step By Step Design Process for The It Girl

It's almost three years since The It Girl was launched on 2015. I was inspired by my difficulties finding good inspirations in Indonesia. In early twenties, I searched some inspirations mostly about career & designs in Indonesia. But I couldn't find any thing good. Every media I looked up seemed to be too profit-oriented. Yeah, I know, you need money to survive but why stay in that comfort zone when you can do better? 

I found a partner, she's my friend from Senior High School. So, she and I started planning The It Girl. Luckily, I have basic skills about graphic design and that save so much costs on branding. But, be careful when you design for your business because it could be so messy and take longer time because you have to do it all by yourself. But I love DIY, especially when I design The It Girl, it gave me so many lessons. And in this post, I would love to share about how I create my The It Girl.

1. Find Some Inspirations

Before I design, I need to find tons of inspirations. Well, mostly from Pinterest. I imagine what The It Girl look like, the colors, the fonts, and the graphic elements that I will use. I want The It Girl to be simply chic yet eye-catching but not conspicuous. 

2. Create Moodboard

the it girl moodboard

After I found some inspirations, I created a moodboard to help me. Moodboard helps me to guide the design I create. You can pick some colors from your moodboard to create color palette. I gathered several pictures from Pinterest and put them all on one place. If you need moodboard template, you can download it here.

3. Typography

You can start your design from typography. Different types, different vibes, and different effects. Make sure to choose your fonts carefully. It might take much time to decide which fonts that works for your brand. 

4. Make Some Alternatives

One of my alternative work for The It Girl. I don't know why Squarespace changed my color. It shouldn't be like this. 

One of my alternative work for The It Girl. I don't know why Squarespace changed my color. It shouldn't be like this. 

When you working on your brand identity, don't stuck with one design. Try all possible style you like and see if it works or not. Create several alternatives and choose the best. 

5. Fake It

After you choose the style I love for The It Girl, I created a mock up from web, business card, and everything to see how my design works on a big frame. I want to show you how I created my web layout design for The It Girl but it's way too long for this post. Sorry!

6. Finishing

I didn't do the code all by myself. We hired a programmer to create the website. Luckily, I have a friend who has advanced skill on coding based on image. I admit it that I tweak some CSS because I have some kind of OCD that couldn't stand to see imperfect web design (but it's getting better since I try to accept imperfections but saying "everything is going to be just fine). And if you like to customize everything by yourself and you have high skill of coding, you can create your own icon for your website. Read more about how to create your own web icon webfont here.


I hope that everything I share here would inspire you to make your own web design! If you have any questions, feel free to ask me (I'll reply as soon as I could, and sorry if I didn't reply your emails)