My Visit To Gardens By The Bay

gardens by the bay

During my short visit to Singapore, I visited Gardens By The Bay (GBTB). It was on my bucket list during my visit to Singapore, besides Yayoi Kusama's exhibition at National Art Gallery Singapore. Because I love plants and flowers. 

Gardens By The Bay is easy to find. Just go to Marina Bay Sands (MBS). It's located behind MBS. I would suggest you visit The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands. It's a big mall, and it has amazing architecture. You can also access GBTB from The Shoppes, just look for direction sign of GBTB.


GBTB are open for public. It's free except the conservatories. The fee is not too expensive, it's worth it to those who love nature, just like me. There are two conservatories you can see, Flower Dome & Cloud Forest. 

I visit Flower Dome first, and it was fascinating. There was an orchid exhibition. There were a lot of a different kind of orchids you could see. Inside flower dome, there are some different areas you can explore: Australian Garden, South African Garden, Californian Grove, Mediterranean Garden, Olive Grove, Flower Field, South American Garden, The Baobabs, and Succulent Garden. 

My favorite from all those is Mediterranean Garden and Succulent Garden. Probably because there's no such thing in my country. I was so happy when I finally got to see Peonies--my favorite flowers! I always dream that someday I will see Peonies. For long, I only get to see Peonies from the internet. Can I bring them all home? 

There's a small cafe inside Flower Dome. I decided to have a tea time at Pollen. It was located near the Olive Grove. I love their green tea and I hope I can find it somewhere in my town. 

After flower dome, I visited Cloud Forest. And it wasn't like my expectation for Flower Dome. There were more plants inside the Cloud Forest. The concept is a vertical forest-like garden, with a small waterfall. Honestly, I wasn't as happy as when I was at flower dome. There are a lot of forests in my country. And I visited some waterfalls and it's much more beautiful to see natural waterfall instead of the artificial one.

If you want to stay until little late, you can enjoy watching a light & sound show at Supertree Grove. It felt like you were at Avatar world. Seriously.

Overall, Gardens By The Bay is a must-visit place when you visit Singapore. Just make sure you bring your hat, sunnies and water (sometimes the weather could be hot).