I Did My Own Engagement Makeup and I'm Proud of It


There was nothing fancy about my engagement day. Unlike other people's engagement day, I didn't hire any makeup artist to make me beautiful. I decided to do my own makeup. Though I'm not a professional makeup, I still can do makeup a little bit. I still haven't found the perfect makeup artist for me who have special needs. Cruelty-free and less toxic.

I've never been a fan of overdone makeup. I see the makeup trend in Indonesia is using the unnatural-colored contact lenses (what's wrong with dark-colored iris?), super matte foundation (this made people's face looks like a flat wall), heavy fake mega layers lashes, and super smoky. I know that is supposed to be dramatic but seriously, it's not pretty at all. I have a friend who is obsessed with light-colored contact lenses, and sorry to say but it's terrifying. If only there is a way to tell her that she's beautiful just the way she is (without those alien contact lenses). They're just making themselves look like Pennywise from IT movie. I just couldn't understand why this trend is very happening. I guess I have to blame the social media. 

I even intend to do my own wedding makeup. Let's hope my family will be okay with that. And right now, I'm going to share with you what products I use for my engagement makeup.



Yeah, I know what you think. It's expensive and not affordable. Believe me, it's not easy for me to buy makeup. There are many considerations before I purchase something. I consider many aspects: cruelty-free, how toxic it is, and sustainability. I'd rather purchase something more expensive but it's something that I will always use rather than cheap stuff that I might always replace it with other cheap stuff. 

And I also recommend you to use the RIGHT tools. Seriously, there is a huge difference when you use the right tools. It doesn't matter if your products are not the best. But, if you use the right tools and technique, it will give you better and smoother makeup. I really recommend you to invest in great tools, such as Sigma (I really love their blending brushes) and Zoeva.

Just so you know, I'm not really great at eye makeup. Actually, there's an instruction on my Tartelette palette how to use its eyeshadow and it was helpful! Even though I'm good at calligraphy & hand-lettering, I'm not that good at applying eyeliner. I was so scared that the eyeliner strokes isn't perfect or not balance. But thank God, it was just fine.

When my friends ask me what products they should use, I always ask them their budget first. But I always remind them that quality comes over quantity. And I always recommend them to research as much as possible before purchasing especially for high-end products. Not all high-end products are great in quality. Some drug-store products are even better. But don't forget to check the ingredients!