Little Stories From My Engagement Day


I've been busy for the last few weeks. 

Too busy I even didn't manage to come to my pilates or yoga class. And now I'm engaged!

I want to share with you little stories about my engagement. I'm engaged on October 19, 2017. And it was last-minute preparation because it was planned three days before the engagement day. My friends seemed to be surprised when they knew I prepared it for three days. Normally, you would prepare this few weeks before. This engagement idea came because my fiance suddenly got a few days off after his commando training. What a rare moment to see him off from work. 

And it was miraculously successful! And super tiring. I had to plan it from Jakarta where the
"e-day" was held in Surabaya. But, behind this moment, there were some stories and drama I wish I could share.

There was nothing fancy about my engagement. In fact, I didn't use makeup artist, any decoration, or even buy new Kebaya for this important day. And I love how simple it was. 

Few days before the engagement, I was so desperate because I couldn't find any ready-to-wear kebaya. When I asked my boyfriend-now-fiance what he would wear, he sent me a picture of red tone batik. But I don't have any red dress or kebaya. So, when I was at home, I started to search all over kebayas that I own. My mom even offered me to wear her wedding kebaya. It was gold and beautiful, really, but also old school. I have to wear it manually and I have no time for that. And I saw my graduation kebaya. I was so scared to try it, I was so scared it won't fit me anymore but it was fit! 

As for the makeup, I did my own makeup. I didn't have any makeup artist to do my makeup. The last time I asked a few makeup artist, they don't know/care about cruelty-free makeup. Actually, I was pretty nervous because this is my engagement day. I rarely wear full-makeup unless it's a wedding or other special occasions. I watched tons of makeup tutorial to boost my DIY makeup skill.

I'm really thankful for those vendors who were able to help me in such short time. For the photographer, I used Alinea Pict by @bastianajih, I love his works and how consistent he is. And for seserahan, I'm really thankful for @kreasiseserahanku because she did an incredible work and very fast. I dropped the stuff for the seserahan just one day before my engagement day and the results were amazing and very lovely, I love the orchids. 

It's true what people say that there would be many obstacles on days before the wedding. And I always pray that God will always protect me and keeps obstacles away from me.