My Favorite Calligraphers on Instagram

Calligraphy has been my favorite thing to do this year. I love how smooth those strokes created for beautiful artwork. 

I remember my first calligraphy starter kit that I bought from When the package arrived, I was really excited. But, then I don't know how to use them. Lol. I didn't even try to research first to use them. 

Finally, I joined Veronica Halim's calligraphy workshop held by The Bride Dept at Ritz-Carlton. And, thanks to Veronica, now I know how to create better calligraphy. 

I also want to thank to Pinterest for always been my source of inspirations. Also, these amazing calligraphers on Instagram. They make super pretty calligraphy. Who are they? 

Laura Hooper / @lhcalligraphy

Veronica Halim / @truffypi

A photo posted by Veronica Halim (@truffypi) on

Chia Tjong / @cforcalligraphy

Molly Jacques / @mollyjacques

Jessica Keala / @jessicakeala

Those girls are my favorite calligraphers on Instagram. Do you have any other favorite calligrapher on Instagram? Let me know!