How Exercise Regularly Changed My Life

image by: tumbnation

image by: tumbnation

It's been a while not blogging. My laptop fell and it's being repaired. Hopefully there's nothing serious.

And now, I'm going to share few thoughts about how my body feel after I regularly exercise for a month. Yes, I registered a gym for a year. After not having exercises for months, it was pretty hard to start exercising again. But, I got motivation to do it. I exercise because I joined gym membership and it's quite pricey so better use it, right?

Even though I joined gym, I never use any gym equipments. Because I don't like anaerob exercises. I prefer aerob exercises, and that makes me only do yoga, pilates, or running. There are many variations of yoga and that makes me more love doing yoga. I'm not a pro at Yoga, but I love to do it. Usually, I went Yoga three times in a week, and also running two times in a week.

There are many good effects by exercising regularly, beside the pain on your muscles. So, what are the benefits?

No more back pain

Working in front of your computer and sitting all day makes my back feel a little bit hurt. After do regular exercises, I feel no more back pain. Not only my back, but my whole body muscles seemed to be working properly.

Feel Happier

Now I know why people who never exercises are the grumpiest. Because they don't have enough endorphines running through their body. Every time after I exercise, I feel much happier. Feeling like, I don't care about my problems, I am happy, that's the most important.

Feel Younger

I notice a few changes after doing exercises regularly. Feel my skin more radiant and glowing. And then I read some news and research that say workouts is able to slow aging. No wonder I saw a good looking woman who I was thought around 40 years old turns out to be 60 years old with few grand children because she loves to work out and eat healthy foods. Also, a research shows that cancer cells tend be easily destroyed when we regularly exercise because our immune system works really fine. 


So, what are you waiting for? Do you need more excuses to work out?