What I Love About Ambon

Liang Beach

Have you ever visited Ambon? My first visit to Ambon was around March. And it wasn't a holiday because I had things to be done for the place I work now. Unfortunately, I couldn't see my boyfriend because he was in Tobelo. At least, we're on the same time zone #LDRrelationshipisnotthatdifficult.

I visited Ambon for 3D2N (three days, two nights). On the first day we arrived and start working. The next day, we visited Liang Beach. This beach is really beautiful and I highly recommend you to visit this place. 

When we arrived at Liang beach, it was cloudy. The next thing happened was rain. Yes! It was raining. And my mood switched to grumpy one. But, luckily, people who accompanied us during the trip brought some durians! I don't understand people who doesn't like this fruit. I guess it was organic durians because they told me that durian trees grow unexpectedly near the beach and no one owns it.

Although it was raining, it didn't stop me to explore that beach (with an umbrella of course). It was raining hard for hours. I remembered when we got there, it was around 11 a.m. Suddenly, a few kids show up on the beach and playing around the pier. They were so cute. They did back-flips multiple times even it was raining so hard. They didn't care about it. And I did record them did that and showed the record to them and they were like, "Wow, we're so cool". Amazed by themselves.

The rain still continued and we decided to ride banana boat. We didn't care about the rain anymore. When we was ready on the banana boat, the rain stopped. It was around 3 p.m. What a miracle. So, we ride around few times with banana boat. And, the good thing about banana boat in Ambon is that you can request to ride it around how many times you like without add more price. 

After banana boat ride, we decided to go home. For your information, Liang beach is pretty far from the city, it took almost half and an hour to go there. But during the trip, you'll see beautiful view. You can stop by at Natsepa beach before going to Liang beach. The beach is more crowded than Liang because it was closer and there are many small 'warung' that sell 'Rujak Natsepa' (Rujak is a Indonesian salad consists of fruits and veggies, served with peanut sauce). Unfortunately I didn't stop by because it was already late.

While you're in ambon, you have to eat seafoods because you'll be considered not eat until you eat seafoods. Usually, you will find grilled fish easy. Don't forget to eat it 'colo-colo'. Just googling it if you want to know. If you don't like seafood, you can eat pork. Yum.

Beside the beach and the foods, I love Ambon's urban planning. It's so well-planned. I mean, if you compare it with Jakarta. Especially the parking space. There are two kinds of parking space, one is for car and the other one is for motorcycle. So you can't park wherever you want like you find it in Jakarta.

If you ask me whether I want to go back again there, I would love to go there again! I want to explore more and I want to visit Seram island on the next trip. To read more my trip you can read it on The It Girl.

Do you have any thoughts? Please let me know via comments!