Birthday Bucket List

My birthday is still few months later (I will turn 25 years old this year), but I already make a bucket list. It consists of what I want (not what I need) on my birthday. I made this list so that it would be easier for you to choose what gifts you want to give me (in case you want to give me gifts :p).

I was inspired by Miranti Kayess's blog post about her birthday bucket list. So, I made one too. Here it is my birthday bucket list. 

Rifle Paper iPhone Case

rifle paper iphone case

Gouache Paints

Higgins Ink

higgins ink
Povilo bag

New Calligraphy Holder & Nibs

image by:

image by:

Illustrating More

artwork by myself

artwork by myself

Be able to see my love

Separated by distance for three months since this September and all I wanna see is you.