My Travel Essentials

As I watching Animal Planet this cloudy Sunday on my room, I got an idea about what I should share on my blog. I would like to share my travel essentials because I've been travelling a lot lately (an early training before I'm ready to be the wife of military wife :p).

When I'm travelling, I have many essentials that I have to bring. From beauty essentials, outfit, and miscellaneous stuff. The fact is, I always bring my laptop and cabin baggage when I travel. I have to bring my laptop, because as a co-founder & editor of The It Girl, I'm responsible to any thing happened on my site and I just don't want to see that I couldn't handle any unexpected events.

Okay, so here's my travel essentials:

Eye Mask

I can't sleep unless it's really dark, so I wear this mask I bought at Zara Home for a affordable price. 


Squirting speeds up wrinkles in your face, so better put on sunnies. I bought this on Forever 21


Whenever I go, I always bring a book to read. It helps me being occupied when I'm waiting for my flight or train. #GIRLBOSS is my favorite book and currently I read this book by Dale Carnegie (must read!).


I'm not a fan of cold night both on train or flight. Instead of wearing jacket, I wear scarves I bought from Mango (it's on sale now!).

Nivea Creme

I got this from my beautiful friend, Rani, as a souvenir when she went to Japan. I love it because really moisturizing and the packaging is perfectly designed for carry on.


The thing I love about my Canon 100D is how small and light it is. I'm also a newbie learning photography so I don't think fancy camera is the one I need. 

So, what's your travel essentials?