How I Manage My Time Between My Full Time Job, Co-Founder & Editor of The It Girl, And My Hobbies

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For some people, it must be impossible to do multitasking jobs at the same time. But, being a full-time employee, Co-Founder of The It Girl, was giving me so much life lessons. 

I work full-time for government effectively on 2015, at Ministry of Finance (MoF), from Monday to Friday. But I already started The It Girl long before I joined MoF. You might be wondering why I joined MoF when I already started The It Girl. I joined it because my parents told me to do. So, I decided to join. And I couldn't believe that I got accepted at General Secretariat-MoF. There were so much emotions when I got a position at MoF. But, mostly I was confused.

What should I do with The It Girl? 

But, I don't want to give up on The It Girl. Though it's just a small website. I believe that someday it will go big. Hanifa Ambadar, CEO of Female Daily Network told me so, and she believed it will be a big thing someday.

Then I just go with it. I move to Jakarta to work at MoF. But still have The It Girl by my side. And I have Putri as a partner, so I'm not going to do it all alone. 

If some people think government staff doesn't have much to work, or mostly that we have so much free time, they are so wrong. I have a pile of work I have to do, this and that. At first, I was so overwhelmed with my works. I even felt a little sorry to The It Girl for leaving it behind a while. But, now I am more well-adjusted for work and time.

I even successfully managed my time between my full-time job, my love for The It Girl, and my love for my hobbies (calligraphy, illustration, and lettering).

How could I do that?

#1 Create to do list

Don't underestimate the power of to do list. To do list helps me to planned what I should do next day. No matter how tired I am, I always manage to create to do list at night. My to do list doesn't have to be long. I only make two or three points what I really have to do and accomplish on the next day.

#2 Manage your time very well

As I told you before that I was overwhelmed with both my work at MoF and The It Girl. I tried several alternatives on how to get things done. But, in my case, the most effective time to do my work for The It Girl is after I done my full time job. I will be focused on each job because I don't like multitasking. 

#3 Sleep well, exercise, eat well

You might think I work so hard to get everything done. But, I'm not. Because I have to do list, so when I see all my things to do is checked, I don't want to work anymore. Unless, it's an urgent stuff. I prefer sleeping 8 hours than working for hours non-stop. Also, I always tried to make some time for exercising. I love yoga and running. And, usually (when I got less thing to do) I do yoga once a week. Basically, you have to be realistic with your time. You can't do it all. So you have to choose what comes first. Your body is the most precious investment you ever have so you have to take care of your body very well. I also tried to eat less when I don't do exercise. 

Those are few tips from me on management. Do you have same experience with me? Let me know through comments!