The Best Paper For Calligraphy

maruman paper

As I wrote before, I started learning calligraphy last month with Veronica Halim. And then I tried to create calligraphy ever since then. Veronica Halim's workshop was really thoughtful, I would recommend to join her workshop if you want to learn calligraphy.

Using the nib, ink, and papers that I got from the workshop, I create some calligraphy (mostly modern calligraphy) and it worked just fine, not until I ran out of the ink. I bought new ink, it's Winsor & Newton and the result was so messy. Meh, I didn't really like it. I use Sinar Dunia paper (it's cheap), you can find it on Gramedia or Paper Clip in Indonesia. Using this paper was fine if I use the ink from Veronica.

So, after I did some research to find out what's the best paper for calligraphy. I found that the best paper is Maruman. Without doubt, I bought them at Paper Clip after I watched The Hunstman: Winter's War. Quite pricey, but worth it. It costs around 118k IDR for a blank spiral book.

I tried use Maruman, and the result was very satisfying. And the best part of using this paper is NO bleeding. If you're passionate about calligraphy just like me, this paper worth every penny you spend on. Okay, so, if you have any recommendations about what paper should I use for calligraphy. Let me know!