Why I Switched To Squarespace

It was five in the morning, I woke up and as usual, I noticed a few notifications from my social media accounts. Then I found an account, let's say it's A. I knew A even though I never met her. And then I clicked her link to her blog I found in her bio. 

Her blog was pretty cute actually. Filled with her personal stuff, from fitness, her wedding preparation and many stuff. One thing I love from her blog is its responsiveness. My previous blog wasn't responsive because I need to find the perfect template that match with my perfectionism. But I love my blog design, because I designed it myself and DIY design really satisfied myself.

Suddenly, I remembered about Squarespace. I've been thinking many times about moving to Squarespace. I didn't know how it works 'til I create this blog. What I love about Squarespace is the templates. They have few beautiful templates you can choose to start a blog. I'm not a web designer, but I love beautiful webs.

I would recommend Squarespace who loves to see beautifully designed webs.