Happy Holidays!

2016 is coming to end. There were so many good and bad memories during 2016. When I see some of my 2016 resolutions, I checked many items. And hopefully, I could check them all in 2017. 

I am lucky enough in this holidays. I took few days off from work. I got a chance to visit Batu, Malang. I used to visit that town in my childhood because my grandmother lived there. The last time I went there was when my grandmother died. 

There are so many changes when I visit Batu. More crowded, warmer, and prettier. But somehow, I prefer the old Batu. When it was cold--freezing cold so you have to wear sweater all day. 

Even when I stayed at higher ground, it's not that cold. It's hot actually, I couldn't sleep because it's so hot. So hot that I want to dip in the pool.

From where I stayed, I could see picturesque views of hills and the town. I even tried the 'flying fox' and it was fun!

How about your holidays? Did you visit some places or just stay at home? Whether out of town or stay at home, just make sure you're comfortable during the last moments in 2016. Happy holidays!