Flawless Base Makeup That Is Affordable (Updated)

maybelline fit me

As a woman who loves makeup, I tried many products that I think it will look great on me. Unfortunately, some products were just not meant to be. There are some products that I only use it for one to three times and I never want to use it anymore. Most likely, because it's just not perfect for me. 

I tried some foundations, but few of them were just disappointing. Cakey, cracky, oily, you name it. But, I finally found the one! The foundation that make me feel so flawless. The foundation that whenever I'm wearing, people will say, "You look so pretty!" or "Your makeup is beautiful, did you make it by yourself?" Yes, I did it by myself. 

So, what's the one?

The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation + Concealer + Compact Powder.

I bought them near my office, and I got some discounts which make me happier. I use shade 220, because I love to see my skin tone just the way it is, I don't want my skin to look lighter or darker. 

It's affordable, perfect for long wear, and the most important is making your skin look flawless. I love the foundation and the concealer. For the compact powder is just so so, even though it's the most expensive, I think there are some better face powder out there.

Would I repurchase it? NO. Absolutely not. I would not repurchase this because Maybelline is not cruelty-free brand.

My past answer: If I run out of them, I would absolutely want to buy them (foundation + concealer) again!