Latest Work: Florals Wedding Invitation

Last month, I got a offer to create wedding invitations. I was so excited to back to illustrating and stuff. Yet, it was very challenging because I had to make these invitations manually one by one. Literally manual, like, painted them manually on a week. Can you imagine that?

I remembered that I sleep for only few hours (I normally sleep for seven hours per day). Also, I suddenly needed to switch my friend to work out of town. I brought all the equipment (well, not all of them) and worked from the hotel where I stayed for four days. And all hard work is paid off when it's finished. I love the result even though it was my first time to create wedding invitation (manually).

I used Royal Talens Gouache and Fabriano for the paper and the envelope. The envelopes cost more than the paper but it has pretty texture and the texture was not even changed when I painted on them.

I need any suggestions from you, where should I buy envelopes?