Strobing Tutorial on The It Girl

Hello people.

Recently, I created a post about strobing tutorial on The It Girl. And I would like to share some stories behind the scene on this post.

First, it was my first photoshoot that involved model, and super tiny studio. I made my little bedroom into a studio with help of white fabric material I got from my office that should be tailored for my work uniform. But I already had many white shirts, so, I guess it would be helpful if it's for another function.

Second, I'm not a makeup artist though. But I worked a little bit as a makeup artist here since I love drawing. And it's not that difficult to strobe.

After all, I still need learn a lot about photography. What do you think of my photos I took? I would love to hear some comments whether it's a compliment or advice.

And you can see full post about strobing tutorial