Learning Calligraphy

Calligraphy Good Friday

If you see my posts recently on Instagram, I uploaded some of my calligraphy works. After I joined calligraphy workshop by Veronica Halim (her calligraphy skill is amazing, you should sign up for her workshop) on The Bride Dept's wedding fair at Ritz-Carlton Hotel, I felt like I finally found my true inner self.

I usually go to sleep at 10 p.m normally, but lately I forgot how to sleep, instead I create some calligraphy until I realized it was quite late. And my calligraphy style is modern calligraphy. Copperplate style is pretty difficult actually for me. Copperplate has strict rules, meanwhile modern calligraphy has no rules.

Modern Calligraphy

I'm planning on buy some new nibs next month. Do you have any recommendation what nibs I should buy? Let me know!

And Happy Good Friday!

Calligraphy Good Friday