Lettering Essentials


Today's weather was a little bit steamy hot but cloudy but I love it. I wrote this post as I was waiting my flight to Surabaya for my first blog design workshop. Hope you can be there!

So, I would like to share my lettering and also calligraphy tools I've been using. I haven't bought any new tools, but I'm waiting my Tombow brush pens arrived on my house. Seriously, there's no offline store that sell this brush pen so I have to pre-order it on online store. But it takes so long, more than two weeks. Okay, enough telling about my complaints.

When I create some letterings, I use this cheap ink but amazing, it's Winsor and Newton Ink. Worth to try.

Handlettering essentials

For the brushes, I used regular brush size. It's Reeves and Lyra.

Handlettering essentials

For calligraphy, I'm such a newbie. I used this pen and nib I bought from C for Calligraphy Shop.

So, do you love hand lettering? What's your favorite tools to create them? Let me know :)