Prasetya Perwira 2014

Prasetya Perwira is a inauguration ceremony for Indonesian soldiers (army, navy, and air forces). And last year I got a chance to attend it with my boyfriend's big family. It was tearful and I was proud to see my boyfriend was inaugurated as Second Lieutenant. Before the inauguration, I also got a chance to visit him in his military academy for "Malam Pengantar Tugas". It was maybe like a prom.

And, here are some tips for girls when you attending this kind of occasion:

  • Wear something comfortable. We all know beauty is pain, but, as a military girlfriend you should know that when you attend this occasion make sure that you are effortlessly gorgeous. 
  • Consider what shoes you will wear. You have to know the place you're going to. I suggest you to wear 3-5 cm heels because you might have to walk far away just to see the inauguration and enough to make your feet hurt.

I wore sheer silk kebaya and silk bottom and still feeling hot. I also wore 4 cm gold wedges. I saw many girls who were too.. uhm.. what's the proper way to say.. maybe over-dressed? Just remember that this is not a beauty pageant content. Lol.