23 on my 23

On my birthday, I thought some things what I have done before turning 23. Some things were achieved, and some don't. When I read my old blog post about

my 22 before 23

, I'm happy to see some stuff are crossed. I need to evaluate my self why some stuff didn't happen. And it makes me to be more motivated on 2015. And here are some 23 things on my 23.

  1. Still haven't tried fancy facial. For real, I never try any facials like most of girls routine. All I ever do for my face is applying ordinary masks and peeling (If only I remember to do it, or when my mom complains about how rare I am to take care of my skin) I bought from store, and sometimes DIY masks, and applying not-so-fancy and not-from-doctor's moisturizer every morning and night.
  2. I launched my first very own website. yay!
  3. I traveled to Lombok and Bromo
  4. Cooked ayam rica for my bf. First time ever and I think I failed. Sorry my love.
  5. Designed 4 websites. It's note much but it's something for me. I learned so much from that.
  6. Graduation! Finally I'm a computer science bachelor.
  7. And my boyfriend was graduated too.
  8. Made some floral illustrations
  9. Got my first real job as designer.
  10. And resigned on December for my new job in Jakarta. Sad to leave my hometown :(
  11. Gained 3kg. :( :( :( 
  12. I create another free blogger template.
  13. Also a wallpaper as well
  14. I mean two wallpaper freebies.
  15. This means I'm productive enough this year. Even though I been MIA for some months working on my thesis.
  16. Even though some of my 22 before 23 list didn't come true.
  17. Been two years with my boyfriend and I already met him for 20 times ONLY.
  18. I redesigned my blog again.
  19. My bf gave me something special to me on valentine's day
  20. It's been year my little Poteto with me and he's not little anymore.
  21. I had been off a little from my laptop because the lcd is of out service (but I already made them repair it). Lesson learned is that off from your screen makes you more creative.
  22. I got A on my undergraduate thesis. THANK YOU GOD.
  23. I did some brushlettering/handlettering/

I hope some of my wishes on 2015 (which I haven't posted yet) will be come true.