The It Girl

October is coming to an end, and I really can't wait to launch my website soon. Maybe we will launch it at the end of this year, after everything's ready. I have a new project, it's named The It Girl. I created this website with my partner,

Putri Anugerah


The It Girl is an inspiring website for girls and women. We focus on how to inspire other woman because I've seen many women that are confused what they are going to do next, get a job or create a job, can't see their own identity inside themselves. So we create this online resource, an all-every-girl-can-find on this website. There are many sections on this website, like, career & finance, fashion & beauty, culture, living, travel, etc.

This idea came up when I examine women's social behavior right now. I see many of them spending their time on social media and being a bitc* about other people's life. Talking non-sense about others. Always counting on men. I want to change it. I want to show that every woman has a potential and they have to use it. It's so lame to see girls who always counting on boys. A lot of girls has a dream that someday a rich guy will marry her so no need of working hard. Well, who doesn't want to be like that? It's not easy to get a lifetime success. Behind successful person, there are a lot of sad stories. Ant that's why I want a change for every girl.