Life After College

As soon-to-be-graduated student (Yay! Congratulations for myself) I really can't wait to be graduated. But, actually what am I gonna do after graduation? Graduation may be one the happiest day in my life. All of my hard works for 4 years finally will be paid off. But being graduated doesn't make me feel I'm a better person. There are more people who are successful even though they didn't go to college or people who failed to finish college.

And being graduated means that we will have more new harder experiences, like, to survive in your life. I've been surviving my life since my father died when I went at college for the first day. I didn't want my mother to worry about me, so I tried few efforts to survive, include scholarships, etc. Life after college might be harder and might be more challenging. We will deal with a lot of unique people. Experiencing to work at companies, or maybe building your own company.

I choose to build my own company. I know it will be a difficult and long journey. I have dreams too. And no matter how difficult obstacles that will come to me, I always believe those obstacles will make me stronger. Right now I work as a web designer at a small company in my town. I love the job, it helps me to gain new lessons and experiences that I didn’t learn at college. The truth is, what you learned at college sometimes isn't that useful in real life.

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