5 Things I Do in the Morning

Morning is my most favorite time. I'm a morning person. No matter how late I sleep, I will wake at around 6 a.m. I love doing things in the morning. There are a lot of things I do in the morning, but usually I do these things.

1. Pray
Every morning after I wake up, my mother taught me to always pray. I always feel better after praying. By praying in the morning, I could contemplate things around me, give thanks for everything I have and hope I would not make the same mistake again.

2. Jogging
Well, I try to achieve C25K running (a running method for beginner that helps me to achieve 5K in two months). I use C25K free android app when running. It's quite difficult for me because I don't want to go jogging after 6 a.m. I prefer to jog at around 5 a.m. I feel happier after morning jogging, and the weird thing is I could stay fit until midnight If I do morning jogging.

3. Playing with my dogs
It's a must. I have two dogs named Totti and Poteto with different characters. Totti is a fat half-pomeranian and a grumpy one, doesn't like kids. Poteto is a half-beagle and half-golden retriever super hyperactive dog, really likes kids, loves playing fetch, loves eating fruits (Poteto loves strawberries, mangos, watermelons, tomatos but he doesn't like bananas, oreos, loaf).

4. Breakfast
I will not make my day if I don't have a great breakfast. My favorite breakfast is veggies salad. Yum. Simple breakfast but I really love it. I don’t do any fancy diet like people do now these days. I eat whatever I want to. But I limit eating something delicious sinful foods.

5. Create to-do list
It's important to create to-do list for me. It helps me to manage my day. But you gotta be realistic when you create this. Do what you can do today. And don't procrastinate it! (But I'm a good procrastinator).

Those are my 5 things in the morning. What about you? Let me know about it.