During Blogging Break

Few months ago, I had been busy with many things. Too busy, so I had to leave my blogging routine. Well, this is for good! I spent my time for undergraduate thesis and it was really.. an unforgettable moment. I woke up morning and turned on my computer, and worked on my thesis till night. Some of my friends worked, like, until the next morning. I wasn't like that. I tried to keep my good time management. I still sleep average 8 hours sleep every day. But one thing I didn't maintain was my exercise routine. And now I feel like pain is coming every morning when I wake up. Less exercises make my body getting tired quicker. 

Beside thesis, I also took my time for my boyfriend. In case you didn't know my boyfriend, he is an army soldier. And he spends most of his time for serving my country. Can you imagine how many time he has for me? I mean, since we were in a relationship (two years ago), we've met for less than 20 times. And I have to be ready whenever he told me to visit him somewhere. Luckily, I was still be able to see his graduation even though I was in the middle of thesis. Congratulations my boy! He was promoted as second lieutenant infantry. I'm really proud of him.
Before he was graduated, I was so lucky to be invited in his farewell party at his military academy. So that I could see where my boyfriend was educated for these 4 years. And it was like a prom. It was an exciting yet romantic moment. (Sounds cheesy, but it is love! LOL) 

Finally, thesis is over. And soon I'll be graduated. I still need some stuff to be done before graduation (preparing graduation dress is one of them). So, I guess I'll be totally free after my graduation. I'm so sorry that some of you had emailed me but I was too busy to read it. And I couldn't handle more projects that you had proposed me. Have a great wednesday!